Cincinnati’s Best Thrift Stores

The best thrift stores across Cincinnati for finding used, recycled, and vintage items, from home decor to jewelry to furniture to plenty of clothing.

Best Thrift Stores in Cincinnati for Amazing Deals

Shopping for housewares, furniture, and clothes can be a challenge when you are on a tight budget. Fortunately, at excellent prices, Cincinnati-area thrift stores offer various goods, from chairs and tables to fashion clothing, designer accessories, and more. However, if the mere mention of a thrift store brings windowless, dirty shops packed with a vast assortment of low-quality stuff, it is time to reconsider. The thrift stores in Cincinnati are great places to score items at steep discounts. If you are looking for some fantastic deals, consider visiting any of the following stores:

Dillard’s Clearance Center

4615 Eastgate Blvd, Cincinnati

Dillard’s Clearance Center typically does not open until noon. So, be sure to visit it at an appropriate time. Also, check their website for “this week’s hours.” The store is attached to the mall, and it may seem a little overwhelming just by the sheer volume of merchandise available to browse. However, it is a great store to visit if you want to buy formal wear or business casual clothing. The deals are excellent. You can purchase brand new clothes at Dillard’s Outlet at affordable prices. It is also a fantastic place to shop before vacation if you want some new clothes or swimsuits to wear.

New2You Uptown Thrift Store

206 William Howard Taft Rd, Cincinnati

Situated on William Howard Taft Road, this is one of the best thrift stores in Cincinnati. It is a short walk for the students of the University of Cincinnati and the residents of Corryville. Its first floor is full of records, books, and furniture. These products are ideal for furnishing a studio apartment and dorm on a budget. The second floor of New2You Uptown Thrift Store is where you will find the cozy fall clothing and accessories at excellent prices.

Indigo Hippo

1334 Main Street, Cincinnati

Indigo Hippo is a must-visit place for creative individuals. Art supplies aren’t cheap, but this store is determined to help break the financial barriers for the artists who want to create and repurpose. All supplies and materials at Indigo Hippo are “pay what you can.” If you cannot determine the value of the items you wish to buy, check the pricing guide. It provides customers with recommended price ranges displayed by different dots of color. If you have an overabundance of supplies at home that you want to repurpose, this is also a great place to donate.

Oakley Goodwill Store

3080 Markbreit Ave, Cincinnati

Located around the corner from The 20th Century Theater with proximity to the historic Aglamesis Bro’s, Oakley Goodwill Store is one of the best thrift stores in the area. They are stocked daily with high-end, gently-used clothing, but it also has a large retro and vintage finds inventory. Stop by this store, and you will walk out with new clothes that will undoubtedly be the envy throughout the season.

Bargains and Buyouts

5150 Glencrossing Way, Cincinnati

Bargains and Buyouts have brand-new, unused, and liquidation overstock products they are willing to sell at surprisingly low rates. That means significant savings for anyone who visits this thrift store. What’s best about this store is that you are allowed to negotiate prices, even though they are already deficient. So, you are encouraged to ask one of the staff members with a blue shirt on the floor whether they can further lower the pricing of the item you wish to buy. Of course, you need a ticket for the products you purchase. Bargains and Buyouts are well-known for selling reasonably-priced furniture, but other quality items are available, e.g., carry-on suitcases.

Valley Thrift Store

9840 Reading Rd, Cincinnati

Valley Thrift Store is one of Cincinnati’s most popular and largest thrift stores. It boasts men’s, women’s, and kids’ clothing, various electronics, household goods, books, etc. In addition, there is an even bigger branch in Kettering and another one in Fairfield. Considering three locations, impressive inventory, and 50% off sales each holiday, you cannot go wrong shopping at Valley Thrift Store, especially if you want to save some money.


4577 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati

Since opening in 2008, NVISION has been offering vintage, unique clothing and affordable attire alterations to the residents of the greater Cincinnati area. NVISION also boasts various items from local designers and artisans, a one-woman-owned, independent business. The place is trendy and a must when shopping in local thrift stores. However, it’s only open on Saturdays and Sundays from 12 PM to 9 PM. Visit after brunch for an unforgettable shopping experience.

Pixel 19

2100 W 8th St, Cincinnati

Located at 2100 W 8th Street, Pixel 19 is arguably one of the highest-rated thrift stores in Cincinnati. The 10,000-square-foot warehouse offers retro and unique clothing to the residents of Cincinnati. Pixel 19 is home to a large inventory of handpicked retro clothing. They have a great selection of jackets, pearl snaps, and t-shirts, and their clothing selection is the largest you can find locally. But to visit the store and enjoy the fantastic deals, you will need an appointment.

Whether you seek the thrill of the chase or look for a good bargain, thrifting in Cincinnati is a great way to spend an afternoon shopping while saving a few bucks. When you browse the aisles at the top Cincinnati thrift stores, you never know what you will find. You might find the old band t-shirt you didn’t know you wanted, stumble on the perfect art supplies, or score some gently-used furniture to furnish your studio apartment on a budget. Some thrift stores focus on a limited variety of products while anything goes at others. The above-listed stores are great places to buy designer clothing and rare items at steep discounts.