Best Indian Restaurants in Cincinnati

Cincinnati’s 10 Best Indian Restaurants

India is well-known for its spicy food, and similar to many cities in the U.S., there is no shortage of Indian restaurants in Cincinnati. So, no matter what your favorite Indian dish is, a fantastic restaurant in the area is ready to fulfill your needs. There’s always some new Indian food with so many regional cooking styles. Here are some of the best Indian restaurants in Cincinnati:

Ambar India Restaurant

350 Ludlow Ave, Cincinnati

Whether you are in the mood for lunch or dinner, many favorite Northern Indian cuisines are available at Amber India Restaurant, including chicken vindaloo, lamb tandoori, and all kinds of curries. They have an extensive list of vegetarian options as well. Complete with chandeliers and tablecloths, this restaurant will please your taste buds.

Amma’s Kitchen

7633 Reading Rd, Cincinnati

Amma’s Kitchen is a recommended place for anyone new to Indian cuisine. Their attentive, helpful staff will help you browse all the options. Popular menu items include the Amma’s tiffin special, the paneer dosa, and onion masala dosa. In addition, this restaurant offers many Indo-Chinese options for picky eaters, including the local’s favorite Vegetable, fried rice.

Grill of India

354 Ludlow Ave, Cincinnati

Grill of India offers one of the most popular buffets in the city. You can visit the place for a sizeable buffet for either lunch or dinner, and it will surely satisfy your Indian food cravings. The buffet has popular dishes, e.g., aloo chole, gobi, and chicken and shrimp tandoori, with several naan options. Several veggie choices are also available.

Akash India Restaurant

24 E 6th St, Cincinnati

Akash India Restaurant has satisfied locals for years with its delicious Indian cuisine. Chicken curry and saag are their specialties. With any dish you choose, you can ask for a specific spice level to make sure you get a tasty Indian food experience but not an uncomfortable spice level. You can order an item off the menu or experience the variety in their buffet.

Elephant Walk Indian Bar and Grill

170 W McMillan St, Cincinnati

This popular Cincinnati restaurant specializes in Indian as well as Ethiopian cuisine. All favorite Indian delicacies are available here, including seekh kabab, tikka masala, basmati rice, warm naan, etc. If you wish to try the Ethiopian side, then it is recommended that you order doro tibs or kitfo, as these are the most popular menu options.

Bombay Brazier

12140 Royal Point Dr, Cincinnati

Bombay Brazier offers an upscale Indian dining experience. The place is full of white tablecloths and plush booths, making it ideal for a special occasion dinner or an exciting date night. The locals like their jalfrezi, garlic naan, malai kofta, and dal makhani. But, if you want something spicier, try their fish 65.

New Krishna Indian Cuisine

11974 Lebanon Rd #100, Cincinnati

Whether you are here with your family, friends, or colleagues, New Krishna Indian Cuisine has everything to give you the best Indian dining experience in the area. The restaurant serves the biggest and the best Indian buffet in the city. Saag paneer, lentil soup, chili chicken, and curried lamb are some of the most popular dishes available on the buffet.

Baba India Restaurant

3120 Madison Rd, Cincinnati

Baba India Restaurant offers all the flavors of Indian cuisine. They have a wide range of different items such as rice, naan, Matar paneer, dal, lamb curry, and chicken tandoori, all for one price. You can also adjust the spice levels according to your preferences. The atmosphere is welcoming, and their staff is ready to answer any questions you might have.

Ravis Hyderabad House

9536 Cincinnati Columbus Road Suites 4 & 5, Cincinnati

If you are looking for the real Hyderabad taste in Cincinnati, then this is your place. Ravis Hyderabad House is well-known for its Goat and Chicken Biryanis. Some of their must-tries include Goat Haleem, Andhra Chili Chicken, and Special Chicken Biryani. The saffron seasonings on their dishes make them even more delicious.

Indian Spice Train

7165 Liberty Centre Dr, West Chester Township

Whether you are visiting Indian Spice Train for lunch or dinner, you will certainly have a delicious meal to enjoy. Meals like chicken makhani and tikka masala arrive in generous proportions here. The restaurant also offers a great selection of cocktails, wine, and beer for you to enjoy. Their staff is amiable and can help with any dietary restrictions.

While Cincinnati isn’t commonly referred to as the epicenter of tasty Indian cuisine, there are still many great options for those craving some quality Indian food. The Indian restaurants listed above are some of the best in the city.