Walmart Oil Change Prices and Fees

Walmart is a retail giant that has a dominating presence in the world. But success didn’t come easy for the company. They have been in the business since 1962 and just recently established their presence in 27 countries. Over the years, Walmart has expanded and become one of the largest chains in the world. As such, they have branched off into other avenues and started an Auto Service division.

Now you can get your oil and other lubricants changed at a Walmart for a competitive price. What’s more, the Walmart Auto Service staff consists of trained professionals who will expertly do the job for you.

What’s better than going to buy your monthly groceries and getting your oil changed at the same time? Walmart takes care of your vehicle’s needs while you are busy shopping in one of its stores.

Let’s take a look at some of Walmart’s Auto division’s services.

Oil Change Packages  

Walmart offers various services and you can choose the right one depending on your preference. It all depends on the amount of money you are willing to spend.

The cheapest service is the Walmart Pit Crew Oil Change, which costs $19.98. So, for around 20 dollars, you will get 5 quarts of traditional engine oil (It can be of any rating such as 5w20, 5w20, or 10w30), an oil filter, battery check, tire pressure check, and chassis lubrication. That’s about as much as you will need if you are in a hurry and what to get the work done quickly.

The Standard Oil Change costs $29.88, and it includes extra stuff that isn’t part of the basic package. You get all the services mentioned above, but on top of that, your car gets interior vacuuming and windshield cleaning. Moreover, the Walmart mechanic will inspect all the necessary fluids like the coolant and brake fluid. Other than that, the mechanic will check the windshield wipers, tire pressure, and headlights.

Another step up the ladder is the Walmart High Mileage service which costs $39.88. You will need this package if you drive a lot and your vehicle has done more than 75,000 miles on the meter. A heavily worked engine needs extra care, which Walmart Auto Care officials are trained to do. You get 5 quarts of semi-synthetic lubricant and all the perks mentioned in the standard oil package. S

The top-of-the-line service is the Walmart Power and Performance Oil Change, which is designed for high-performance vehicles. You get 5 quarts of fully synthetic motor oil along with all the other services offered in the standard package for a price of $49.88.     

Why Choose Walmart?

Walmart is a large brand that is focused on customer satisfaction. They strive hard to provide the best service possible at the cheapest rates possible. If you regularly get your car’s oil changed at your mechanic’s, you will notice that it is more of a hassle.  You have to drive your vehicle to the workshop and wait for the service to finish. It is only after you get the service that you can do other work and chores.

However, at Walmart, you don’t have to waste any time. You are not bound by the car, and instead of waiting for the mechanic to finish, you can go do your shopping at the Walmart store and come back to a serviced vehicle. It doesn’t get better than that!

We are always looking to save time and do more in the 24 hours allotted to us, and Walmart allows us to do that. Moreover, the oil change packages offered at Walmart are price competitive. You have four services to choose from, starting from a paltry $20 and going up to $50. You can choose, whichever suits your pocket and your car the best.

Other places are usually more expensive, and they can sometimes charge you $50 or more for an oil change. If your vehicle belongs to the luxury class, the same price can go up to $150. Walmart does not charge exorbitant prices. They make it easy for the average person to get an oil change and without hurting their pockets. 

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Which Oil Is Best?

So, you have decided to try Walmart’s Auto Services. The next part is to decide which type of oil should go into your vehicle. If you have ever made an oil change before, you will know that there are three types of engine oils in the market. Each one has its specialty and offers unique advantages.

Conventional Mineral Oil

Mineral oils have been around for a long time and they have been used by automotive companies for more than a century. Mineral oil is extracted from crude oil through old methods, and then it is refined for vehicles. It is cheap, however, this type of lubricant has many disadvantages.

Mineral oil does not offer maximum protection to the engine from friction, it wears out quickly and does not perform well under challenging conditions. Moreover, this lubricant creates more sludge and grease, when overused. Therefore, you should avoid putting mineral oil in your vehicle unless it is necessary.

Semi-Synthetic Oil

Scientists and researchers came up with a unique way to minimize the negative effects of mineral oil by mixing it with certain chemicals and improving its performance abilities. This is called semi-synthetic oil, and it provides better protection to the engine and allows it to function at high temperatures without developing issues. But at the end of the day, semi-synthetic lubricant also wears down, and you have to get it changed from 3000 miles to 5000 miles. It is used by most modern cars, so it is widely available in the market.

Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil is the best lubricant you can buy with your money. It is very expensive, but synthetic lubricant offers many advantages that are not seen in any other oil. It lasts longer, provides better protection against friction and heat, keeps the engine internals clean, and helps produce extra performance. All of that comes at a price, and you can see that in Walmart as well.

The synthetic oil package is the most expensive at $50, but you know that you are spending that money to keep your car running smoothly for the years to come.

Which to Choose?

The best way to decide is by consulting your car’s user manual. It has all the necessary information about your vehicle, like the type of lubricant you should use. If it says semi-synthetic works best, you should go with that. However, if you want to be safe and give your car a boost, then synthetic motor oil is the best bet. When you use synthetic lubricant, you can go longer between oil changes. So, less time and money is wasted.

Trust Walmart

We know it is hard to trust a company with your car that sells groceries, appliances, and all sorts of things. But Walmart is a global name that is trusted by millions of people worldwide. These guys know how to please customers and how to earn their trust. You can trust Walmart Auto Services to keep your car in good shape because they only employ trained professionals who know what they are doing.