Why Do You Need a Crawl Space Vapor Barrier?

crawl space vapor barrier

Does your home have a crawl space instead of a slab or a full basement? A crawl space might be the best type of foundation. Unlike a slab, a crawl space provides ventilation beneath your home—as well as access to your home systems. And unlike a full basement, a crawlspace saves energy by not needing …

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5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Crawl Space Repair Contractor

crawl space repair

Crawl spaces have certain advantages over basements or slabs, including elevation, which is important in termite-prone regions, lower costs, and ease of repair. However, they’re not without disadvantages. If a crawl space isn’t insulated properly, it becomes attractive to rodents and susceptible to mold growth and moisture. Another con has to do with energy efficiency. …

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What Can You Do When There’s Mold in Your Crawl Space?

mold in crawl space

What’s that smell? Did you know that unhealthy mold levels are found in an estimated 45 million buildings in the U.S.? Mold doesn’t just create an unpleasant odor; it comes with a plethora of health issues.  Mold in crawl spaces is particularly prevalent, especially in older homes. So, how can you protect the health of …

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How Does Crawl Space Foundation Repair Work?

crawl space foundation repair

Does your home have a slab or crawl space foundation? If you have a pier-and-beam structure to your house, you probably enjoy the many benefits of having a crawl space.  Your crawl space provides easy access to check on the foundation of your home. When you encounter a problem, repair professionals can reach the subfloor and …

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Crawl Space Encapsulation: 5 Facts You Need to Know

Does your home have a crawlspace? If so, you can enjoy the many benefits of this space underneath your house, including room for extra storage and easy access to your home’s plumbing system.  However, many people never venture into their crawlspace or use it—and for a good reason. If you’ve never taken a look underneath …

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Your Complete Crawl Space Maintenance Checklist

Do you have a crawl space under your home? Crawl spaces are notoriously difficult to maintain. They’re hard to access, often requiring the person to crawl (hence, the name). Some people may neglect to take care of them whatsoever, but this is actually a mistake. So how do you keep up with your crawl space …

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