Dinner Fork Placement

Have you been given the task of laying a formal dinner setting for guests, but don’t have a clue as to where each piece of flatware will need to go? If this is the case, our guide below will help ensure that you will be able to set the perfect dinner table – time and time again.

Placing your Flatware

The dinner fork will always be the largest fork on the table, and it needs to be placed closest to the plate on the left-hand side. This fork normally measures approximately 7 inches in length and it is used when consuming the main course at any formal or informal meal.

A continental-sized dinner fork tends to be a little larger than the average American sized dinner fork, and it’s commonplace for it to be used at more formal events. An American sized dinner fork will usually be approximately a half-inch shorter than a continental-sized fork and it is most often seen at less formal or casual dining events.

Laying the Perfect Table

When gathering the required utensils, glassware, plates, and other items needed for your formal dinner, it’s crucial to check that they are properly clean. No watermarks or stains should be seen on cutlery or any of the glassware at any time and tablecloths, placements, and table runners should be crisply ironed and free from marks as well.

Only silverware or flatware that will be used in the meal should be set out on the table – if no dessert is being served, don’t include dessert spoons or forks in the ensemble. Cutlery should be laid approximately an inch away from the plate to ensure that it’s easy for guests to find it as well.

To prevent fingerprints on flatware handles, hold it by the section between the handle and eating end, and ensure that each place setting has been spaced evenly apart around the table. The lower edges of each piece of flatware should be carefully aligned with the bottom edge of the plate.