4 Best Rated Roofers in Cincinnati, OH

Below is a list of the top and leading roofing companies in and around Cincinnati. To help you find the best rated Cincinnati roofers.

Cincinnatis’ Best Roofing Services:

The top rated roofing services in Cincinnati are:

  • Klaus Roofing Systems
  • Eagleye Roofing
  • Ford & Son Roofing Company
  • Molloy Roofing

Klaus Roofing Systems

Address: 10690 Loveland Madeira Rd Suite A, Loveland, OH 45140

Phone Number: 513-583-6389

Website: https://www.krscincy.com/

Customer Review:

Klaus roofing did a great job from the initial inspection to answering all my questions, scheduling, installation, and clean-up. Jeff Elder was our roofing contractor and kept in touch with me throughout the process. I truly appreciate the time and effort Klaus roofing has made to help me with our new roof. I highly recommend anyone looking to have anything done with their roof should give them a call. – James Hall

Eagleye Roofing

Phone Number: 513-446-1609

Website: https://eagleyeroof.com/

Customer Review:

We noticed some water damage on our ceiling and called around several local roofing companies. Eagleye were the only ones who made it a priority to inspect our roof the next day. Mike Lopez came out the next day, did a complete roof inspection, determined that our roof ridge cap needed replacing, provided excellent documentation, and even fixed a loose gutter. The cap replacement was reasonable, we scheduled it for a few weeks later, and it took a couple of hours to replace. Overacan’t can’t recommend these guys enough. – Cory Kays

Ford & Son Roofing Company

Address: 7217 Bridges Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45230

Phone Number: 513-231-1600

Website: https://www.ford-roofing.com/

Customer Review:

We had a leaking old skylight. Ford and Sons were the most professional, prompt, and knowledgeable of all three companies we called. They have a tremendous online assessment and invoice system that is clear and much faster than doing everything by mail. The service was prompt, which was great as the water dripped into our family room when it rained or snowed. We love the new skylights. They are clean, let in great light, and so quiet, and I’m sure they will be much better for our heating and air systems. – Ashleigh Shepka

Molloy Roofing

Address: 11099 Deerfield Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45242

Phone Number: 513-791-7400

Website: https://www.molloyroofing.com/

Customer Review:

I have used Molloy Roofing for several years now to do inspections and repairs on a flat rubber roof. We have a like-minded approach to preventative maintenance, with checks and repairs that keep the top in great shape and avoid major problems or leaks. The Molloy Roofing team is easy to work with and does an excellent job. I consider Molloy Roofing a trusted business partner and will continue using its services. – Alan Dickey

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