Cincinnati’s Best Clothing Thrift Stores

Best Clothing Thrift Stores in Cincinnati for Fashion Finds

If you are looking for great deals on clothing in the Cincinnati area, there are many stores you can visit around the city. Cincinnati has plenty of thrift stores that offer new and gently-used dresses, accessories, and more. Some of these stores even showcase their latest fashion items online, so you can browse the photos before visiting the place in person. Whether you are a fashion enthusiast or you are simply looking for some new clothing trends in Cincinnati, here are the best places to visit for amazing deals:

HOMAGE Over-The-Rhine

1232 Vine St., Cincinnati

HOMAGE prides itself on its passion for bringing out the personality and spirit of popular culture via its clothing items. Sports jerseys and retro t-shirts fill up the walls of this store. Everything, including Larry Bird and Billie Jean King, has inspired their hoodie and t-shirt designs. Each item tells a story of hustle, individualism, and triumph. This is your go-to store for pop-culture-inspired, quirky clothing at great prices. There are almost always in-store and online sales offered here.

Casablanca Vintage

3944 Spring Grove Ave., Cincinnati

Casablanca Vintage is a well-known name in the fashion realm. It caters to every gender and age with an impressive retro, vintage clothing selection. You will find clothing products here that cannot be found in your everyday thrift store. Each handpicked item available in the store is effortlessly timeless. Casablanca Vintage is well-loved by both locals as well as tourists. While it may take a while to browse their massive stock, simply being at this store is an adventure.

Down to Mars Vintage

621 Main St. #1a, Cincinnati

This unique vintage boutique offers a wide range of colorful dresses and accessories at reasonable prices. Described as a modern, high-end vintage retailer in the city, Down to Mars defies the stereotypes usually associated with clothing thrift stores. A large selection of colorful vintage outfits, bottoms, tops, and accessories is available that you can match with basically any modern wardrobe. All the items in the store are carefully assembled to create a great overall experience for customers. Instead of forcing you to navigate through many unattractive pieces, Down to Mars lays out only the most stylish, handpicked items for you.

Pixel 19

2100 W 8th St, Cincinnati

Pixel 19 is one of the largest clothing thrift stores in Cincinnati. It’s a 10,000 square feet warehouse packed with the most unique, neatest pieces. The store offers a divine shopping experience to its customers. Its racks are stuffed with premium-quality clothing items, and its various closet staples seem to go on forever. However, unlike most other thrift stores in the area, shopping at Pixel 19 requires you to make an appointment first. However, it is pretty straightforward as all you need is to call the store to set up a date and then visit. You will be met at the door by the warehouse owner, who will guide you through how the shopping here works.

Idlewild Woman

1230 Vine St, Cincinnati

Known for its high-quality, chic designs, Idlewild Woman is one of the leading clothing stores in the city. All accessories and garments are ethically made using sustainable manufacturing processes and textiles. The genuine passion of the store for the art world is evident in their unique clothing designs. They offer great discounts from time to time. You can earn 10% off your next purchase by simply signing up for their email list.

New2You Uptown Thrift Store

206 William Howard Taft Rd., Cincinnati

New2You Uptown Thrift Store has become very popular among University of Cincinnati students because of its proximity to the institute and the impressive inventory to browse that is crowded the four-story building. The store is filled with thrifted clothing, all cleaned and steamed before being made available for sale. Their women’s selection is extensive and features clothing for virtually all occasions, from t-shirts and jeans to gowns for weddings to athletic wear. Their men’s section is also very expansive and offers a variety of clothing, from casual to formal. In addition, shoppers have been able to get fashionable hoodies, t-shirts, and more for low prices.

St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store

4530 Este Ave, Cincinnati

St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store is a well-known local thrift store with several locations spread throughout the city. You can find plenty of gently-used clothing, shoes, and jewelry in addition to décor, furniture, kid’s toys, and even mattresses. There are always weekly markdowns on specific clothing selections. This makes the store an ideal spot to enjoy the best deals. In addition, some of their outlets sell merchandise by weight which is a great way to buy plenty of stuff reasonably.


1407 Vine St., Cincinnati

Located in downtown Cincinnati, Continuum is the epitome of chic. Everything from fashionable clothing to accessories and home décor is available at the store. What sets Continuum apart from other thrift stores is an eclectic bazaar art and concept shop. All of the items available for sale in the store, e.g., clothes, accessories, jewelry, art, etc., are crafted by independent designers and artists. Most of them cater to a bohemian taste. The majority of brands sold at the store are hard-to-find and unique. For example, handmade Osei Duro line clothing is not easily found in other stores. Overall, the pricing is reasonable, and once you start browsing, you will find a piece that you like at an attractive price.

Now is the perfect time to start for those who want to try thrifting in Cincinnati for fashion finds. As the summer season brings on the need for new stylish threads, the various clothing thrift stores provide amazing deals. However, getting the best deals on thrift clothing in Cincinnati doesn’t have to be a hassle. By visiting any of the above-listed stores, you can find the garments and accessories at steep discounts.