25 Best Cincinnati Breweries

Unveiling the 25 Best Cincinnati Breweries: A Beer Lover’s Paradise

Cincinnati, a vibrant city nestled in the heart of Ohio, is renowned for its rich brewing heritage and thriving craft beer scene. With a wide range of breweries dotting the cityscape, beer enthusiasts are spoilt for choice when it comes to indulging in top-notch brews. In this article, we present a comprehensive list of the 25 best Cincinnati breweries that deserve a spot on every beer lover’s itinerary.

  1. Rhinegeist Brewery: Known for its bold and innovative brews, Rhinegeist Brewery offers a diverse range of beers, from hoppy IPAs to refreshing pale ales. Their expansive taproom and lively atmosphere make it a must-visit destination.
  2. MadTree Brewing: MadTree Brewing combines creativity and sustainability, producing exceptional beers that please the palate. With a beautiful taproom and an array of seasonal offerings, it’s a popular spot for beer connoisseurs.
  3. Taft’s Ale House: Housed in a historic church, Taft’s Ale House is an architectural gem. Boasting a vast selection of beers, including their signature Gavel Banger IPA, it offers a unique drinking experience.
  4. Fifty West Brewing Company: Nestled along the scenic Little Miami River, Fifty West Brewing Company is known for its adventurous brews and outdoor-friendly ambiance. Be sure to try their award-winning Coast to Coast IPA.
  5. Urban Artifact: Specializing in tart and wild beers, Urban Artifact has made a name for itself with its inventive flavor combinations. Their taproom, located in a former church, provides a one-of-a-kind setting for sipping beers.
  6. Brink Brewing Co: As a small community-focused brewery, Brink Brewing Co emphasizes quality and variety. Their cozy taproom is an ideal place to sample their diverse range of craft beers.
  7. Listermann Brewing Company: Listermann Brewing Company is a must-visit for those seeking unique and experimental brews. Home to a homebrew supply store as well, it offers an immersive beer experience.
  8. Moerlein Lager House: Situated along the Ohio River, Moerlein Lager House boasts stunning views and a wide selection of German-style lagers. Don’t miss the opportunity to pair your beer with their delicious pub fare.
  9. West Side Brewing: A family-friendly establishment with a laid-back atmosphere, West Side Brewing offers a mix of traditional and innovative brews. Their spacious beer garden is perfect for enjoying a cold pint on a sunny day.
  10. Streetside Brewery: Streetside Brewery is renowned for its hazy IPAs and juicy fruit-infused beers. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere, coupled with their fantastic beer selection, ensures a memorable visit.
  11. Nine Giant Brewing: Located in Pleasant Ridge, Nine Giant Brewing is a neighborhood gem known for its eclectic beer offerings and tasty food menu. Enjoy their flagship beers or explore limited-edition releases.
  12. Fibonacci Brewing Company: Fibonacci Brewing Company focuses on Belgian and farmhouse-style ales, with an emphasis on using locally sourced ingredients. Their cozy taproom provides an intimate setting to savor their artisanal brews.
  13. Fretboard Brewing Company: Combining their love for beer and music, Fretboard Brewing Company offers a unique experience. Enjoy their handcrafted brews while being surrounded by the sights and sounds of live music.
  14. Braxton Brewing Company: With a commitment to innovation, Braxton Brewing Company produces a wide array of styles, from crisp lagers to bold stouts. Their modern taproom and rooftop patio are perfect for relaxing with friends.
  15. Darkness Brewing: Step into the dark side at Darkness Brewing, known for its robust and flavorful beers. Their taproom ambiance and friendly staff make it a great spot for beer enthusiasts seeking something different.
  16. HighGrain Brewing Company: HighGrain Brewing Company crafts small-batch beers using traditional techniques. With a focus on quality and flavor, their ever-changing tap list keeps patrons coming back for more.
  17. Wooden Cask Brewing Company: Nestled in Newport, just across the river from Cincinnati, Wooden Cask Brewing Company offers a warm and inviting taproom. Their handcrafted ales and lagers provide a taste of local craftsmanship.
  18. Bad Tom Smith Brewing: Bad Tom Smith Brewing prides itself on its approachable and diverse beer lineup. From their flagship Honey Ale to seasonal specialties, they cater to a wide range of palates.
  19. Humble Monk Brewing Co: Specializing in Belgian-inspired beers, Humble Monk Brewing Co delivers on taste and craftsmanship. Their taproom features a serene atmosphere, making it an excellent place to unwind.
  20. Alexandria Brewing Company: Located in the charming city of Alexandria, just outside Cincinnati, Alexandria Brewing Company is a hidden gem. Their small-batch brews and cozy taproom create a warm and welcoming experience.
  21. Narrow Path Brewing Co: Narrow Path Brewing Co focuses on producing high-quality, traditional European-style beers. From classic lagers to unique interpretations, their taproom invites beer enthusiasts to explore a range of flavors.
  22. Paradise Brewing Supplies: Paradise Brewing Supplies offers a unique experience where beer enthusiasts can brew their creations. With a vast selection of ingredients and knowledgeable staff, it’s the perfect place for homebrewers.
  23. Big Ash Brewing: Big Ash Brewing combines quality brews with a family-friendly environment. Their spacious taproom and outdoor patio offer ample space to enjoy their delicious beers.
  24. Rivertown Brewery and Barrel House: Rivertown Brewery and Barrel House are known for their barrel-aged and sour beers. Immerse yourself in their taproom’s rustic charm while savoring their complex and flavorful brews.
  25. Swine City Brewing: Swine City Brewing boasts a wide range of beer styles, catering to every taste. Their friendly staff and inviting taproom make it a favorite spot among locals and visitors alike.


Cincinnati’s brewery scene is flourishing, and these 25 breweries offer a diverse and exciting array of beers for beer enthusiasts to explore. From traditional styles to experimental brews, the city’s breweries are pushing the boundaries of flavor and creativity. Whether you’re a seasoned beer aficionado or just beginning to explore the world of craft beer, make sure to include these top Cincinnati breweries in your beer pilgrimage for an unforgettable experience of hops, malt, and camaraderie. Cheers!